How much does it cost to moving offices in 2022

How much does it cost to moving offices in 2022

Office Moves can be expensive, however there are ways to get value for your money ensuring that the service provided is top notch. 

There are many things to think about when it comes to moving from one office to another. It is not just as simple as moving personal home items, office items can include desktops, computer chairs, office desks, important documents and many other items needed to be transported safely from one destination to another. 

Additionally, there are important factors to consider when moving offices in 2022, such as the distance between the old office to the new one, the amount of equipment assigned to each working employee, the type of furniture and how quickly the move needs to happen and the timing. Depending on how large the office space is the move could take up to a few days to fully complete. Companies such as The Smart Logistics who are a London Office move company , are experts in this field of providing the best state of the art service in helping to make your transition between offices smooth.

However, it is vital to note that some removal companies tend to hide hidden fees, so we ensure to list below what services you should expect to receive when booking your office move in this article.

How much does it cost to pack and move?

In London and surrounding areas such as Kent and Essex, it depends on the size of the office and the amount of equipment that needs transporting. As you can expect, an office with 10 people will cost different to an office space that contains 50+ people. For office moves it is recommended to get a quote, to help you get a rough estimate on how to budget for a successful office move with top quality service. At The Smart Logistics they have the facilities and experience to help cater to your move ensuring that you have the seamless relocation from one office to another.

What services should you expect from moving offices?

As discussed beforehand, we know that moving offices can be pricey so it is important that the best quality services are offered to you as a part of the experience. Moving companies should adhere to provide you with the following:

  • Professional advice and guidance: this is important as the moving company should assist you with answering any questions that you are not sure about, ensuring that you understand the procedure from start to finish and knowing what is expected from your side and from their side to ensure everyone is ready and on the same page for the move when the day arrives.
  • Helping to plan your move: The removal company should work with you to figure out the needs of the company and what days work best around moving the equipment out whilst still ensuring that productivity of staff in the workplace still gets maintained without being entirely disrupted. Moreover, the moving company should also have the flexibility to work with you to operate outside business hours depending on the nature of the office environment, potentially scheduling the move in the evening or weekends might be the better option, although this could add additionally cost it can prove to be more effective than attempting to move during the working day.
  • Organising transportation of IT equipment: Depending on your operation of office equipment, you may have expensive IT equipment that employees operate from as well as important documentation and file storage that needs to be transported safely and with the most efficiency. London office move companies like The Smart Logistics ensure that they provide the best transportation system to carry out the move of important documents and equipment, so you can be rest assured that all materials will be in safe hands and care taken to the new office location. 

How should you prepare in advance for the office move?

To aid preparation it is important to start off by getting a quote by filling out key information for the removal company to have in place about the office, this will help estimate how roughly it will cost so that you can give yourself enough time to ensure that you are ready for the move. The Smart Logistics provide an instant quote once relevant information is filled out on their website. You can expect to hear back within 48 hours, via a communication method that suits you whether being over the phone, video or through messenger chat.

Moreover, once the quote has been received by the moving company, they will potentially have to liaise with a surveyor to figure out the full requirements of the move outlined by what you have filled out to the moving company to ensure that they provide you with the best service possible to carry out a smooth office relocation process.

Additionally, once the move has been processed and booked, removal companies should also appoint a move coordinator to work with you until the whole move is done. The personal coordinator will also work with you around crate hire for heavier pieces of equipment, delivery and collection, potential parking for permits at the point needed for loading and unloading the items at the new office address. As well as estimated moving start and end times and dealing with potential pre moving issues ahead of the day of the actual move.

Furthermore, the moving company should also ensure that the surveyor that they liaise with visit your offices at least one week before the move. Office removal and storage companies, like The Smart Logistics ensure that this is organised and booked in advance so that you are expected for the surveyor to arrive to check that everything needed for the move is in place and that it is all correct. Moreover it is important to note that if anything regarding the move was to change at any given moment the surveyor and the coordinator should be on hand to work with you along that princess to discuss next steps moving forward. 

To conclude, we can see that planning ahead and putting in a quote is a good step to beginning the process of the office move. This will help you get a clear picture of how you should prepare and begin working with the moving company from early to ensure the smooth process of relaotionan from the old to new office. You can also get a clear picture of how much  roughly it will cost you and working alongside London office moving companies such as The Smart Logistics who provide the best rates in London will guarantee value for your money and top class professionalism.

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