How to ship your personal belongings

How to ship your household personal belongings overseas from the UK in 2022

Moving abroad, but are wondering how you will get all the belongings to the destination and also trying to figure out what steps you need to take to make it happen?

Shipping belongings via a freight service is the most cost-efficient to transport your belongings from one country to another whilst ensuring that all items remain in tack without any damage to your property.

Companies like The Smart Logistics specialises in freight services ensuring that all inventory is packed easily for transportation to your country of choice. The average price for using freight services vary so it is best to always get a quote specific to you as all freight moves will be different to suit your needs.

What is the process of shipping belongings internationally?

First off you would need to collect proper documentation to outline clearly each item you are planning to transport and to also ensure that the belongings meet the country that you are sending the items to requirements. Each country will have its own rules as to what you can and cannot bring into. Some countries are stricter than others, for instance in the USA you are not able to transport certain animal products so if you are a animal lover then you will need to be cautious of what you pack to be transported via the freight service so it could have a chance of being rejected once the item get to the final destination country.

Moreover, we suggest making a list of the country of destinations prohibited and restricted goods as this will vary from country to country. Visiting the countries guidelines for restricted and prohibited goods will guide you as you will know what you can pack in your belongings that you wish to ship overseas. 

Additionally, watch out for taxes. Custom taxes can easily be racked up if you are not careful of what you are putting into your items for shipment. Customs are very strict these days and they will analyse everything within the package so ensure that you do not have anything that you believe might be flagged up as suspicious. Otherwise you may risk all your belongings not making it out of the final destination, getting hit with a expeinice charge or with the possibility of your items being destroyed.

If unsure, you always have the option of leaving the items out of what you plan to include in your shipping package. It is best to always take the necessary precautions to avoid any issues that may occur later on. It is also important to note that you can replace items once in the new country. London Freight companies such as The Smart Logistics work well in advance with you to ensure that everything you are putting in your shipping package will go through and get approval through customs so the chances of including anything that will not get approved is slim.

Which Freight service is best for me?

There are many ways in which you can move your items via freight, such as sea, air, or ground transport. Deciding which option to use will all depend on your country of destination, how many items you wish to transport and whichever option gives the best value for money. The Smart Logistics offers professional freight and global shipping services in London and surrounding areas and they have networks to over 200 countries. They also have a vast array of connections to ensure that items are transported seamlessly, as well as providing tracking information and scheduled updates so that you know where your items are at all times.

Transporting belongings by Sea

Transporting items by sea is the most common and cost-efficient way to get your belongings from one country to the next. With sea-freight the costs associated with this movement usually include a container hire to hold the belongings in as well as transportation fees. The most common and cost-efficient way to transport household belongings to a new country is by shipping via sea freight. Depending on the size of your belongings will determine how large the size of the container is. The shipping company will arrange for a container to be sent to your home. Once the container has been filled up then it will be collected by a truck and then taken to the port for the departure of the relevative destination. The Smart Logistics does well to ensure that they offer a door-to-door and door-to-port service and work well with officials to ensure the move of the container is on the right carrier and that all custom documents are completed and submitted. 

Pros of Sea Freight:

  • It is 50% cheaper than air
  • The Duty and VAT are less expensive compared to air freight 
  • Heavier items can be transported with ease via sea freight
  • Ships have a minimal carbon footprint so it is more eco friendly 

Cons of Sea Freight:

  • It takes a long time to get from one destination to the next. Sometimes it can take over a month which might not be suitable for everyone.
  • The risks are higher with sea freight, there may be delays or issues with the weather than can affect the shipment.

Transporting belongings by Air

Transporting items by Air Freight is the less common way to move belongings to a new country. It usually tends to be more expensive depending on the final destination country and you probably won’t be able to send as many items as compared to via sea freight as an airplane can only hold a limited amount of cargo. 

However, the convenience of air freight can be worth the higher price. Air freight is faster so if you are in a rush to receive your items then this might be the better option for you.

Pros of Air Freight:

  • You will receive your belongings quicker in comparison to sea and land freight.
  • Air Freight has an extensive global reach as it can get to any destination within a reasonable time frame as compared to sea as not every country has a designated port for shipment.
  • There is an increased safety of goods being transported.

Cons of Air Freight:

  • Air Freight can be more expensive
  • There are size and weight limitations as there is only a certain amount of cargo an airplane can take
  • Depending on the weather condition, it can cause delays.

Transporting belongings by Land 

Transporting items by land can also be cost-efficient but it also has its limitations as it can only get to certain destinations. For the UK, you can use land freight to move around the whole country or certain countries within Europe such as France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Using a truck or a freight trailer to move your belongings will be the best option. Hiring a professional moving company like The Smart Logistics will add ease and convenience for your international move.

Pros of Land Freight:

  • The transportation movement tends to be cheaper.
  • From the UK, you can get to several other European countries with ease without the need to use Sea or Air Freight
  • There is less risk of damage as items will be packaged securely and efficiently before departure.

Cons of Land Freight:

  • It can be unsuitable and unpredictable, anything can happen on the roads so there will be need for caution with this moving method.
  • Weather conditions can affect the journey and can cause delays.
  • It is not always suitable for heavy cargo as this will affect the weight of the vehicle which can cause the journey to take longer to get to the final destination.

Lastly, ensuring that you have an exceptional shipping company to aid your move from start to finish effectively, will make your moving process easier and stress free. The Smart Logistics have many years of experience in the freight industry and they are trusted by many in London and surrounding areas and across the UK and have a high rapport of exceptional service. They have done it all from land, sea and air and will be able to advise you on the best possible method to move your belongings.