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Your Guide to Moving with The Smart Logistics

As a trusted London Removals company we at The Smart Logistics are dedicated to making the process of moving your home or office as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Whether you are a homeowner or a businessperson, we understand that coordinating a move can prove to be a rather stressful experience. As such, we offer professional advice and a bespoke service tailored to the exact requirements of the job to ensure a successful move:


Before we carry out any removal, we endeavour to perform a thorough survey so as to determine your exact requirements by phone, personal visit or video call.

Our surveys are designed to inform you of the exact cost and timescale of your move, and are often completed in just 30 minutes.
Due to the current pandemic we appreciate that personal home visits may not always be suitable and as such we are pleased to carry out video surveys via WhatsApp at a time that suits you. A final quote will be e-mailed with a clear breakdown of the exact specifications of the move, from costs, timescales, vehicles provided, packing options and number of staff required with no hidden extras.

Packing Tips When Moving House

What Size Removal Vehicle will i require?

As a London removal specialist we will always advise you of what vehicle would be most suitable for your move as many factors play a roll in this such as property access, road restrictions, how much belongings you are transporting and the combined weight.

We are however available to provide any of the following vehicles as we determine necessary from a standard sized transit van, Extra long wheelbase van, 3.5T Van, 7.5T Truck, 12T Truck or 18T Truck.

This will always be determined following a discussion about your requirements and survey. With over 26 years combined experience we are more than well positioned to advise accordingly so feel free to get in contact with us about your requirements using our contact form below Click here