Average Cost of Moving House within London in 2022

Many consider moving house to be a big life moment, it is equally an exciting yet stressful time for most people. Moving can also be an expensive and a tedious long process but here at The Smart Logistics we have ways in which to make the process less daunting.

The average cost to move house varies as it depends on your budget and the location you wish to move to. For instance, an hourly Man and Van service can start from £60 per hour where full house moves can range from £150-800. House moves in London can be more compared to other regions within the UK such as Kent and Essex. However, The Smart logistics have the best rates, to ensure that you are getting seamless first-class service for value for your money.


  • Getting a free quote and ways to contact.
  • Different moving services.
  • Breakdown cost estimate of three-bedroom house.
  • Additional factors that could affect cost.
  • Top tips in helping to keep costs down.

Get a free quote

There are various companies out there offering different moving services at different prices. It is difficult to pinpoint a specific range as each move is unique and will be tailored to the customer. The Smart Logistics offers movers with the best affordable price range in London, Kent, Essex and around the UK. Simply input all relevant detailed information about the move and we at The Smart Logistics will guarantee to supply you with the best affordability. You will receive an instant quote once responses have been submitted online and we can contact you in a way that suits you whether that be via video, telephone or online chat. 

Decide what services best suit your needs

This will all depend on your budget and how flexible you can be with it. If you have a strict amount that you can spend, then a local Man with a Van service is best suited for you. This option helps keep the cost down and there is a professional (either one or two people) there to help move your items from A to B safely and efficiently. Man and Van services are also insured and The Smart Logistics provide this at a great cost as it maintains the essentials of the moving service that another expensive option might offer.

If you have a little more leg room of budget to play with, then a full removals service would be a better option. A full removal service includes bigger sized vans and they are better suited to medium and larger moves. From getting a free quote, this service is tailored to suit the need of the customer and the size of their new home.

A full removal service in London and around the UK include:

  • Loading and unloading household items 
  • Transporting items to your new home
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Placing furniture in the designated places in your new home

The Smart Logistics also offers a packing service to help with removing the stress of already being super busy from the move. The packing service will be catered to your needs ensuring that all instructions set out by you are done exactly the way that it should, ensuring for a smooth moving process.

Example of a potential breakdown costs of moving from a 3-bedroom house in Greater London:

  • Packing of materials: £200
  • Dismantling and reassembling: £125
  • Cleaning Services: £75

In total it all adds up to £400, which is in line with the estimated amount stated that it would cost to move homes in and around London.  We at The Smart Logistics aim to offer the lowest estimated cost as compared to other moving providers London ensuring that you receive top quality service.

Additional important factors that could affect the cost of moving:

Volume: the amount of belongings that need to be moved on the day. This is important as it will determine the size of the vehicle needed to complete the move as well as determining how many trips would need to be made if there is a vast amount of load. The Smart Logistics will ensure that quality checks and risk is assessed to ensure that the move can be carried out safely.

Accessibility: this is assessing the accessibility of the current home and to the home that the items will be moved to. Things to factor in is how close the van can park outside the houses to easily load and offload the household items.

Fragile Items: this includes any special and/or fragile items that need to be handled with care and that need extra protection. This can include items that are sentimental or expensive antiques that are of significant value.

Moving Day: The day that you decide to move will also affect the cost. For instance, if a customer decides to move on the weekend, it may cost them more as opposed to moving during the week during off-peak hours when it is less busy.

Whilst some of these factors do play a role in the added cost of the moving process, rest assured that The Smart Logistics will always ensure that they thoroughly assess each enquiry fairly as well as price matching efficiently to suit the need of the customer.

Top tips in helping to keep moving costs down:

Declutter: Decluttering packaging and getting rid of items that are not needed to be taken to your new home. This helps saves space and speeds up the moving process.

Book your slot in advance: Weekends are the busiest periods as compared to during the week. Booking in advance helps you be more prepared and have the flexibility in choosing the best available slots.

Do the packaging yourself: packing items yourself will be essential especially when using the Man and Van service if you do not possess a lot of household items that require special packaging.

At The Smart Logistics, we understand how daunting the process of moving houses can be and the figures added up can be overwhelming. That is why we are here to help provide the best competitive rates in London, Kent and Essex, with over 26 years in the industry providing top quality service, you are in safe hands. Get your free instant quote today here and let’s make a start to your house move.

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